Environments/ Encounters/ Exchanges at the Tate Modern

As part of the “Environments, Encounters, Exchanges” series of workshops with Royal Holloway at the Tate Modern, London, I created a workshop around crocheting jellyfish.

The aim was to disrupt cliched, and over used imagery of the victims of climate change, and think about an animal that is set to thrive in warmer, more acidic seas; the jellyfish. I invited participants to sit with me and crochet tentacles and think about their visceral reactions to jellyfish and, in turn, climate change.

I provided a series of jellyfish “heads” and invited people to make tentacles and attach them to the pre-made jellyfish. The workshop kept the skill of crocheting simple, and it was possible for absolute beginners to make a tentacle (as well as children as young as 2!), and more advanced crocheters could make more elaborate tentacles.